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Independent Commercial Third Party Quality Audits


Gas Logic Solutions carries out Commercial Third Party Gas Audits to Registered Social Landlords and Gas Auditing Providers. Following guidance to Social Housing Provider’s from the Audit Commission to have independent inspections carried out, Gas Logic Solutions has become one of the industry’s most experienced Commercial Gas Auditing Providers for the Commercial Social Housing and Commercial Gas Auditing Industry.


Our extensive knowledge in providing this service to the commercial Gas Industry has enabled us to develop a bespoke IT solution. This allows us to provide both a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the standard of servicing and workmanship following annual landlord gas safety inspections and also new installation work to Commercial systems or Appliance/System upgrades.


Gas Logic Solutions can provide a national service and our extensive reporting system ensures immediate identification of poor workmanship and system defects which helps us to tailor toolbox talks, giving tuition and guidance to the operatives. Work in progress visits can also be carried out by our fully qualified Auditors.


Independent Commercial Third Party Quality Audit Services


This is a quality control assessment for term contractors. This pertains to periodic servicing, reactive maintenance, safety and reporting procedures. We carry out boiler plant room operational checks and comparisons of recorded and actual settings. Commercial Third Party Audit Form provided with technical aptitude, workmanship, documentation and customer satisfaction scores being given.




Gas Logic Solutions offers a full range of Consultancy Services designed for assisting the Social Housing Sector in managing their Commercial gas activities, fulfilling their duties as a Landlord and maintaining compliance with the regulatory codes and standards.


  • Commercial Third Party Quality Audits (Post Inspections)
  • Commercial Plant Room Inspection
  • Condition Reports – Asset Listings and Budget Costing
  • Second Opinion Referrals
  • Catering Inspections and Audits
  • Laundry Inspections and Audits
  • Gas Pipe-work Installation Inspections
  • Risk assessment
  • Gas Tightness Testing & Direct Purging
  • New Installation Inspections
  • Work in Progress Visits
  • Project Management and Clerk of Works Duties
  • Method Statement and Risk Assessment Service
  • Technical Supervising Officer
  • Fault Finding and Trouble Shooting
  • Commercial Maintenance Contracts and Periodic Service Agreements
  • Oil
  • Solid Fuels & Biomass
  • Renewables


…and much more



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