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Welcome to Gas Logic Solutions


Gas Logic Solutions provides a comprehensive package of services designed to assisst the Commercial sector with their gas activities, fulfilling their duties as a Landlord or as an Employer and maintaing compliance with regulatory codes.


Gas Logic Solutions understand the requirements that are placed on companies and organisations who oversee, manage and control gas safety effectively.


With a range of clients including many Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Private Landlords, Contractors, Energy Suppliers and other organisations nationally we ensure our clients have the best controls, policies/procedures, information and support required to meet legal requirements and fulfil the best quality and safety levels.


For further information please contact Gas Logic Solutions on 07512 334664 or simply email and we will contact you as soon as possible.



We provide a range of comprehensive consultancy services including organisational reviews, auditing management arrangements,

project management of new installations, condition surveys forcommercial boilers and systems and advice on alternative forms of

heat. When contractors recommend replacement parts we can also check to ensure that these are required.


Gas Logic Solutions provides its clients with free unlimited off site technical support for all issues involving gas activities via telephone, email or fax.


  • Appliance Replacement Verification
  • Employer – Service Provider Issues
  • Service Provider – Customer Issues
  • Operative Technical Support


In additon we are able to offer the following more comprehensive and detailed packages.


  • Unlimited off site Technical support- Providing on-going technical support as required
  • Processing unlimited referal notices freom Service Providers
  • Contractual Issues – Support with contractural disputes including legal aspects
  • Customer Complaints – Investigate multiple visits, faulty appliance or system
  • Dispute – Between Service Provider and Customer or Employer
  • Appliance/System Defects – Protovide representation on behalf of the client to manufactures where on-going issues occur.


We are pleased to provide further information and proposal on request



Why choose Gas Logic Solutions?


Although Gas Logic Solutions is a new company all our employees have several decades of experiance helping businesses and landlords manage gas safety and have a team of experts that operate nationally.


Our brand values of trust and quality will always deliver you the right solution.


Our High standards of workmanship and Quality Control ensure our clients receive outstanding results from every contract.


Professional Logic Solution


We provide services tailored to your needs

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